We found a property. We need YOUR HELP to secure it!

Greetings on the Meeting of the Lord! 

I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to share an incredible opportunity that I've recently become a part of and that I believe you might find meaningful. We are going to build the next Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Florida. The Resurrection Cathedral will be in Deerfield Beach, Florida, and it's a remarkable endeavor that I am truly excited about.

The Resurrection Cathedral is a vision of unity, faith, and community coming to life in the heart of Southern Florida. It's not just a building; it's a place where Russian Orthodox traditions seamlessly blend with inclusivity and fellowship, offering services in both Russian and English. This cathedral will serve as a spiritual haven and a true home for Russians and Americans alike, creating a welcoming and diverse community for all.

What makes this project even more special is that it will also house a Cultural Center, celebrating the rich heritage of our faith and culture. The Cultural Center will serve as a hub for events, educational programs, and cultural activities, connecting people of all backgrounds and sharing the beauty of our traditions.

Furthermore, the Resurrection Cathedral will be the new home of the PaTRAM Institute Choir, a world-renowned choir dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Orthodox choral music. With your support, we can create a space where the PaTRAM Choir can thrive and continue to inspire audiences with their enchanting performances.

The reason I'm reaching out to you today is because we are in a critical phase of this project. We have found the perfect property that can become the Resurrection Cathedral and Cultural Center, but we need to raise $3 million in the next 80 days to secure it. This property is more than just land; it's a symbol of our faith, our history, and our future.

To seize this opportunity, we need your immediate support. Every dollar counts, and your gift today will play a pivotal role in securing this property and ensuring that our dream becomes a reality. Please, consider making a generous donation right now, and let us move forward together in creating a lasting legacy that will enrich our community and touch countless lives. Don't wait; act today to help us achieve this momentous milestone.

Please make a gift today. This opportunity will be gone in 80 days. You can give by clicking here, 
or by printing this attachment and mailing it in with your check: 


You can also help us by sharing this message with your friends and family who might also want to be a part of this inspiring project. You can forward this on with a short introduction paragraph to anyone who you think would be interested in this project. To secure this property we need all to help. This isn't a project just for a few people. We all have a chance to be a part of building this next ROCOR Cathedral. 

I truly believe that with the support of people like you, we can make The Resurrection Cathedral and Spiritual & Cultural Center a reality and create a lasting legacy in our community. Your contribution, whether big or small, will help us reach our goal and continue the rich traditions of Russian Orthodoxy while sharing our culture and music with the world.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message, and I hope you consider becoming a part of this meaningful project. If you have any questions or would like more information, please don't hesitate to reach out to me: 


Warm regards,
Tatiana Geringer
Director of Fundraising for The Resurrection Cathedral

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