We need your help to bridge the gap BEFORE HOLY FRIDAY MAY 3RD. We found the ideal property to build the Cathedral, submitted a non-refundable deposit & are under contract to CLOSE on Bright Monday, May 6th.

    This is more than a purchase; it's an investment in our spiritual future and heritage. Our vision for The Resurrection Cathedral goes beyond just a building. It's a place where Russian Orthodox traditions seamlessly blend with inclusivity and fellowship. With services offered in both Russian and Slavonic, it will serve as a spiritual haven for everyone in our diverse community.

    Your support is crucial in reaching our goal.


Our collective efforts extend beyond mere property acquisition; they represent an investment in safeguarding our Orthodox spiritual future and preserving our heritage.

Beeswax candles infused with bergamot, amber, frankincense /olibanum, myrrh, oud, powder, patchouli & coriander seed.
Available both with and without a wick, for personal preference use.

Each Resurrection beeswax candle will directly contribute towards the construction & property acquisition of THE RESURRECTION CATHEDRAL.


"Our current and future generations of Russian Orthodox Christians are at risk of losing their religion, language, & culture. The fiber by which the tapestry of the soul, in particular the Slavic soul, is woven is through the Church with its salvific path. We must work to strengthen the future of our Church. 

Over 10 million people reside in southern FL with hundreds of thousands of Russian speakers among them, & many more traveling to the greater Miami area frequently.

It is time to build a major Orthodox Center to serve not only our Russian brothers & sisters, but Americans & people of all nations. And so, it is with great enthusiasm that I am serving as the Chairman of the Advisory Board to lead the Campaign led by Saint Luke the Blessed Surgeon Russian Orthodox Church to build The Resurrection Orthodox Cathedral in Florida.”

His Eminence NICHOLAS Metropolitan of Eastern America & NY, First Hierarch of ROCOR

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A 5 PHASE TRANSITION PLAN - from The St. Luke the Blessed Surgeon Church to the NEW Resurrection Cathedral. 

Through the prayers of Saint Luke the Blessed Surgeon, may God reward you richly in all things for your love, prayers, and generosity.

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